that's a wrap! 

We were awed and inspired by the amazing speakers and sessions during our 2021 Next Gen Summit & Mock Program!

Our 2021 Mock Program goes down as our largest Mock Program to date with 12 teams and 47 Mock Client Volunteers

The Next Gen Summit kicked off with a two part workshop with The Energy Project. A huge shoutout and thank you to White & Case for sponsoring our Energy Management & Navigating in a World of Overload workshops facilitated by Sarah Baxter of the Energy Project. We learned how to become aware of our energy levels and manage them so that we're able to stay in the performance zone. “Invest energy in what you have the power to influence. Don’t squander it on what you can’t control.” - The Serenity Energy Prayer

Tiffany Norwood produced an incredible Persuasive Storytelling keynote that helped us understand the power of "we" and reminded us that a community like ours can help enhance the power within each of us.

We were inspired to become better leaders by embracing our authenticity and vulnerability. “Be willing to be vulnerable, be willing to be humble. Nobody’s perfect and you’re probably your own biggest critic,”  Jennifer Yokoyama said. 

We heard captivating stories about career journeys, unexpected detours and the role that the power of serendipity and connection can play. As Shannon Nash told us, “Nobody makes it to the C-suite alone.”

Thank you to all who participated in the Next Gen Summit & Mock Program. This event would not be possible without the support and dedication of our Board of Directors, Next Gen Co-Chairs & Mock Committee, the ChIPs staff, our Mock team and volunteers and our Next Gen Summit speakers.