Persuasive Storytelling for Leaders and Lawyers - How to Make Your OWN Dreams Come True One Story at a Time

In the 1990s, Tiffany Norwood did something that no other person has done since, she raised over $600 million to fund a start-up. That money was used to build satellites, launch XM Radio, invest in MP3, and even develop solar-powered satellite radios for President Nelson Mandella. She did it at the age of 27. She did it as a black woman.  She did it with a story.

Most people don’t think of leaders as storytellers, but they are. Their stories get others to act -to invest, hire, promote, agree, partner, and become clients. Being a compelling storyteller can improve every area of your career and life. In Persuasive Storytelling for Leaders, you will learn how to craft a persuasive narrative using the three universal languages of influence. We will discuss why, when, and how often you should tell your story to get desired results. The session will be both immersive and interactive. Ultimately the outcome will be a new literacy in storytelling and the power to make your own dreams come true one story at a time

Session Type
Interactive Workshop