Full Name
Jane Shi
Job Title
Principal Research Scientist
Amazon Robotics, Amazon
Speaker Bio
Jane Shi, Ph.D., is a roboticist with a passion for delivering intelligent and capable robotic systems that can adapt and react in dynamic and uncertain environments. At Amazon Robotics, Jane conducts robotic grasping and manipulation research as a principal research scientist, and she leads a research team to develop general AI/ML/RL models that are highly adaptable and robust. Jane’s early robotic research at General Motors Research Lab has led to deployed solutions with significant business impact. In the area of robotic dexterity and autonomy, Jane developed grasping algorithms for humanoid Robonaut 2 hands to perform real-time grasp tasks autonomously. At FANUC robotics, Jane’s work was at the intersection of perception and robot motion control such as sensory guided open motion control.
In her 20+ years of robotic research, Jane’s deliverables include 30+ issued patents, 10+ patents pending, 16 GM internal tools and method inventions, 3 journal papers, 2 book chapters, 1 ASTM international standard of 6DOF test method, 14 conference papers, 46 internal research papers, 1 NSF GOALI award, 1 General Motor Boss Kettering Innovation award, and 1 Best Paper Award at Amazon Research Scientist Summit.
Jane Shi