Navigating in a World of Overload Workshop sponsored by White & Case

In a world of increasing demand and complexity, it makes sense to feel anxious and stressed. Unfortunately, anxiety and frustration disrupt our ability to think
clearly and creatively; focus our attention on the right priorities; manage our relationships effectively; and make informed choices. Navigating a World of Overload provides participants with practical, personalized methods for tapping into the calmest, most capable and resilient part of themselves to navigate a world
of overload.

In a 90-minute facilitated online workshop, participants will develop:

• Increased awareness of their unhealthy mental and emotional patterns
• An understanding of how moving into “survival mode” – fight-or-flight –
dramatically diminishes our capacity
• Specific self-regulation tools and strategies to manage surges of fear and
overwhelm in the moment
• Longer-term, ritualized self-care strategies to ensure resilience, strengthen the
immune system, increase emotional reserves, and improve the quality and clarity
of decision-making

Session Type
Interactive Workshop
Session Format
Zoom Meeting