How to Be A Badass - A Chat with Sarita Venkat and Katherine Minarik
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Katherine Minarik (GC and executive leader at Dyson) and Sarita Venkat (Head of Global IP Transactions at Apple) are longtime ChIPsters and ChIPs board members.  They co-host the podcast Heels of Justice, which showcases inspiring, hilarious, and moving stories of women at the top of the legal profession.  The friends invented the ChIPs NextGen conference and the mock exercise, and spend their non-existent free time helping women lawyers get ahead. In short: they are badasses.  Elena DiMuzio (Senior Legal Counsel at Dropbox) will sit down with Katherine and Sarita and we'll discuss what inspires them, how they find time to do so much, and where they get the courage to challenge themselves and take big risks.