Mixology and the Feminist Role in Prohibition sponsored by Shaw Keller LLP
Date & Time
Wednesday, November 4, 2020, 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

According to historian Mary Murphy, the story of prohibition is one of bootlegging mothers, drinking daughters, and critical developments in how women worked and played in public. 

It was a brief moment in which women were able to redefine long-held sex roles, and “behavior followed structural change.” Prohibition “rattled” old, easily understood patterns of drinking, Murphy writes, and changed how women drank. Increasingly, women stepped up to the (underground) bar—and turned increased demand for alcohol into lucrative bootlegging businesses. “In all aspects of the liquor business,” she writes, “women moved into spaces that had once been reserved exclusively for men.”

And once Prohibition was repealed, “women would be damned if they gave up their freedom—or their cocktails.”

Channel your inner bootlegging, cocktail making, 1920's self and join us for a craft cocktail that is specially made for you, by you.  An award-winning female bartender will teach you how to mix up a Rosemary Old Fashioned that is sure to impress. Once you've mixed, get ready to mingle. The last 30 minutes of this session will be reserved for attendee networking!