Crisis Management: Strategies for Navigating High-Profile Incidents *
From data privacy to the #MeToo movement to customers holding businesses accountable on social media in real time, both in-house and outside counsel are increasingly called upon to advise executives and often step-in as crisis managers on high-profile incidents. With serious legal risks at play and your company’s reputation on the line, the stakes are high. This panel has been on the frontlines of headline grabbing incidents that have had them in the middle of navigating lawsuits, inquiries from regulators and Congress, and interacting with investigative journalists. Together, we will discuss strategies for dealing with the crisis from the time you first learn of the incident – whether it is by reading it in the news or because your internal controls work to give you a heads-up – to the time in which you are fully navigating through the crisis and then finally the phase of working to rebuild trust and your company or client’s reputation.
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Grand Ballroom
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