Full Name
Maz Shakernia
Job Title
Music Product Counsel
Speaker Bio
Maz Shakernia is Music Product Counsel at TikTok, where she advises global product and business development teams across TikTok and other products and services of ByteDance which feature music. Maz reviews new applications, features, functionalities and initiatives, and provides guidance principally related to legal rights implications and mitigation strategies from a licensing and intermediary liability perspective. Prior to TikTok, Maz spent 5 years at Meta where she advised business units at Facebook and Instagram on intellectual property related issues with regards to user-generated content, and advanced Meta’s public policy positions to regulators and government bodies with respect to new or existing IP intermediary liability regimes, including Article 17 of the EU Copyright Directive.

Maz is a member of the California Bar Association and earned her law degree at Santa Clara University, School of Law with a high tech law certificate and specialization in intellectual property. In addition, Maz holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a minor in Communications from University of California, Davis.
Maz Shakernia