Virtual Rock & Roll Trivia

Thursday, October 28th from 4:30-5:30pm PT

This experience is an hour of nonstop entertainment hosted by renowned musician-MCs, who have worked with international music superstars.  It’s an engaging, fun take on trivia after a busy day of training. The event begins as the musician-MCs welcome the guests and kick off the event. Attendees will be randomly placed into breakout rooms which will act as their trivia team. After meeting their team members and breaking the ice, the group will return to main room and the competition begins. Rounds can include anything from finish that tune, name that TV character, one-hit wonders or other custom created content. Vendor performs live music in all rounds of Trivia. After three rounds team totals are tallied, and the winning team is announced. The event concludes with a live concert put on by our musician MCs.  They’ll take audience requests and integrate a predetermined playlist, all while engaging the audience and maintaining the high energy.

This is an optional session that you can opt-into during Global Summit session registration.