Date & Time
Thursday, October 28, 2021, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
LeaderFuel Fundamentals: Fueling Your Team in A Time of Crisis

Introduction: A Deeper Awareness

Participants revisit the importance of building safety and trust in their teams – a key for any effective team, especially in a time of crisis and uncertainty. Then, they will reflect on how their energy impacts their team members. Finally, they will commit to becoming Chief Energy Officers, whose primary responsibility is to both model and fuel sustainable high - positive energy.


Safety and Trust: A Wider Lens

Leaders will reinforce their ability to foster safety and trust in their team by effectively pulsing between challenging team members and fueling/renewing them. Skillfully managing the energy of a team is at the heart of mobilizing, influencing, inspiring, and renewing them so they are freed and fueled to do show up at their best and do their best work. Participants are introduced to The Leadership Quadrants framework to examine how fueling sustainable performance in their teams requires finding a balance between creating a safe, nourishing environment for their people and challenging them to move beyond their current comfort zone.

Laurie Coe